• Hegel Mohican CD Player

    Hegel Mohican CD Player

    In case you haven’t heard of this CD-only player, you have surmised correctly: “Mohican” is a reference to the James Fenimore Cooper novel, The Last of the Mohicans. Given the current ascendancy of computer audio, ...
  • Gamut Superior RS3i

    Gamut Superior RS3i

    My first encounter with a top-model Gamut two-way stand-mounted speaker, the L3, was at a friend’s house about eight years ago. It performed well in my friend’s system and also in my own system, as ...
  • Hegel H360 Integrated Amplifier

    Hegel H360 Integrated Amplifier

    Hegel Music Systems, of Oslo, Norway, has developed yet another fantastic-sounding integrated amplifier/DAC. Hegel also makes preamps, power amps, and digital products, but it is its continually evolving line of integrated amps that, in a ...
  • YG Acoustics Sonja 1.2 Loudspeaker

    YG Acoustics Sonja 1.2 Loudspeaker

    YG Acoustics entered the specialty audio scene at the upper end of the full-range, high-performance speaker market right from its beginnings. It did not build a line of mid-priced products to establish marketshare and then ...
  • Hegel H80 Integrated Amplifier

    Hegel H80 Integrated Amplifier

    Hegel Music Systems has been on a roll. Since my review of the H100 integrated amplifier in September 2010, the Norwegian company has released three DACs, a preamp, a headphone amp/DAC, a power amp, and ...
  • Pass Labs X350.5 Stereo Amplifier

    Pass Labs X350.5 Stereo Amplifier

    The following quote has been incorrectly attributed to Nelson Pass, founder of Pass Laboratories: “Listening to my amplifiers is like listening to tubes, but without the hassle.” Someone else may have said it, but Pass ...
  • Shunyata Research Hydra Typhon

    Shunyata Research Hydra Typhon

    In September, 2012, the TAS Web site ran a short piece announcing the introduction of the Hydra Typhon, an optional, dedicated, A/C-line noise-reduction unit intended for use with the Hydra Triton power distributor. Since I’d ...

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